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New Haven • Monroe • Shelby Township • Warren • Washtenaw • Livingston



LIFE ENRICHMENT ACADEMY provides job placement, job coaching, and follow-along services to individuals desiring community employment.

LIFE ENRICHMENT ACADEMY offers a time-limited, intensive job skills training program for individuals transitioning into community job placements. Most of the training occurs at community-based sites and focuses on each individual's needs and preferences. The outcome of this program is community employment.    

LIFE ENRICHMENT ACADEMY uses a variety of locations to teach community, mobility, recreational, and job skills. Sites include volunteer placements, senior centers, fitness centers, beauty salons, and horseback riding among others. 

LIFE ENRICHMENT ACADEMY assists individuals in exploring new options to determine interests and preferences, and develops programming accordingly.

LIFE ENRICHMENT ACADEMY introduces individuals to new and exciting recreational activities. Activities are coordinated based on individuals expressed interests. At least one community-based activity is offered daily. Favorites include sporting events, movies, continuing education classes and seasonal events. For those who don't want to go into the community we offer games, arts and crafts, cooking, and other activities that are available at the center.